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Little Lion Man
Mumford & Sons

Day 30: Your favourite song this time last year

according to my

Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man

Day 29: A song from your childhood

Aladdin - A Whole New World (BrPt version)


Day 28: A song that makes you feel guilty

Hyrise - Leading Me On



Grazed Knees
Snow Patrol

Day 27: A song you can play on an instrument

none so time for a random song!

What Don't You Fucking Understand
Christian Bale

Day 25: A song that makes you laugh.

Never forget.

Your Hand In Mine (Goodbye)
Explosions In The Sky

Day 24: Son you want to be played at your funeral

Explosions In The Sky - Your Hand In Mine (Goodbye)

Dreams On Fire
A.R. Rahman ft. Suzzanne

Day 23: A song that you would want to play at your wedding

A R Rahman ft Suzanne - Dreams On Fire

You Are the Moon
The Hush Sound

Day 22: A song you listen to when you’re sad

The Hush Sound - You Are the Moon

Mar 9

I Can't Take It In
Imogen Heap

Day 21: A song you listen to when you’re happy

Imogen Heap - Can’t Take It In

Mar 8

World Spins Madly On
The Weepies

Day 20: A song you listen to when you’re angry

The Weepies - The World Spins Madly On